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During His earthly ministry Christ gave frequent and potent examples of the power of God; often healing each and every one who came to Him. How is the power of God expressed in even greater ways today?

  • ​Part One:

  • ​Part Two:


Darkness and light and 1John 1:9 Is confession required for forgiveness?




How to commend yourself to everyone's conscience and the New Covenant: It was made with Israel, but what part applies today?

Our men's group discussed Acts 28: Was this the "last straw" for Israel or was it an isolated incident? Or was it most obvious that God had set Israel aside when some 40 years after the cross Jerusalem was sacked and the temple destroyed?

Recent discussion on the key points of fellowship in 1st Thessalonians: We NEED each other!

The Doctrine of Election; When did we declare war on God?

What do Grace and Peace have to do with each other? THey are linked in infinitely practical ways!

Problem Passages in 1Corinthians 15

Thessalonians and Why it Was Written. how does this, the first of Paul's letters, set the tone for ALL the Pauline Epistles?​

Download Curtis Bradley's 1/14/2013 excellent message on the 23rd Psalm:


First in a series regarding the mystery of the relationship between the man and the woman

Sign In The Heavens Of Christmas

Curtis Bradley On Getting Wisdom and Treasuring Truth 

If John 1:18, 1 John 4:12 and 1 Timothy 6:16 are true, then how do we then explain the Deity of Christ?

Why Paul's salvation was the beginning of a new era and is the pattern for all who would afterward believe.


The inheritance of the body of Christ is extraterrestrial!

​How God gives faith


need Assurance?


Here is our recent three part audio series on the Rapture!

  • Part One:

  • Part  Two:

  • Part Three:

Does the Bible say how bad it might get before the great and terrible day of the Lord's wrath?

How does Thessalonians show that things had already changed since Pentecost and that God's Ambassadors will be withdrawn before God declares war on this planet?

​​​Ambassadors Withdrawn Before War is Declared 2Thessalonians 2.3 Part Two

The eternal security of the believer; is there really such a thing as once saved always saved? (excellent!)

How does death work life? Part one

How does death work life? Part TWO

Why Grace does not seem "fair" and What it means to be "In Christ"

The mystery is all about the rapture of the ambassadors for Christ! Also, what does Scripture have to say about Gracious and Salty Speech?

The practical side of the Greatest of all Mysteries:

More on the practical side of the greatest of all secrets:

The Two Natures In The Believer: Attributes Of The New Man




The Glory Of The Battle Of The Two Natures

2 Thessalonians 2 What Is Preventing Anti Christ?

our Lord appeared to not know certain things (e.g. Mark 13:32), but in light of 2 Corinthians 5:16 are we to look at Him that way any longer? Listen up followers of Open Theism!


Paul's letters to Timothy instruct him to pay attention to things that differ (2Tim 2:15KJV). What are some of the key differences of these letters from those written earlier?