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13205 Monroe Way, Thornton, CO 80241

Dispensational Bible Study in In Denver

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Berean Church

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So we can get the Gospel of the Grace of God out to more people, please donate!

To make it easy, safe, and efficient (no fees), we use Zelle® for donations. 

Most major financial institutions use Zelle®, and it's easy to set up: 

1. Log into your bank acct online
2. Find the Send Money with Zelle® link
3. Add New Contact with the first name: Berean, and the last name: Church.
4. Add the phone number 303-452-9148

NOTE: Since our DBA is "THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN GRACE CHURCH", you shall see the following message prior to sending:

​"Based on the Zelle® Network records, this recipient is enrolled as THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN GRACE CHURCH.
Do you want to continue?"
Click YES.

The first time you send money it's recommended that you just send $1. Then, subsequent gifts will be easy.

NOTE: If you do NOT see THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN GRACE CHURCH, then do NOT Click YES! Please contact us ASAP.

Depending on how you choose to get alerts, you should receive an email or text notification ​confirming your donation to THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN GRACE CHURCH. 
Many folks have set up recurring payments, which you shall be able to do after you have sent your first payment.

You can also mail a check, payable to "Berean Church", to 13205 Monroe Way, Thornton, CO 80241