Difficult passages in 1 Corinthians 15. Most miserable:

Disappointment in death? (.19) Baptism for the dead? (.29)
Behold The Mystery: What's the big secret? (.51)
Why “must” mortality put on immortality? (.53)
How does it all apply? (.58):

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Rightly Dividing The Word of Truth (2Tim 2:15) in Denver

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A Most Profound Question

Regarding the Tribulation:

Schultz: Justice Served

NEW! Titus 1:2 How God promised eternal life before there was time (part 2)

Bill Schultz: When God was satisfied


How to live graciously in the last days

Mankind's Worst Addiction:

NEW! 2Timothy 3:1 Perilous Times for the Church

NEW! Men's Fellowship: Did signs cease?

This is good!

How God equips believers for His service 2Timothy 3:17

Foundations of Grace by Bill Schultz

NEW! Titus 1:2 How God promised eternal life before there was time (part 1)

Bill Schultz on Reconciliation

NEW! Rightly Dividing and Today's Gospel

New! How to Have Hope (part 2)

2Timothy 3:16: Another proof of the inspiration of Scripture (unedited)

NEW! Intro to Titus: One of the greatest proofs of the Inspiration of Scripture

NEW! What to DO about the Perilous Times in which we live:

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NEW! THE doctrine THE manner of life THE purpose THE faith THE longsuffering THE charity and THE patience:

Benefits of understanding of the mystery:

New! How to Have Hope (part 1)

Taking the Lords Table Unworthily cheap forgiveness and why God created the universe

2Tim 4:1-3 Now is the time to take a stand for the faith!

New! 16 Things about Titus and the love of Christ

Many do not know the difference between God's purpose in time for the earth, much less His "eternal purpose" for the heavenlies. Do you? Listen and learn!

Basic Distinctions between Law and Grace.

Those who think that Paul preached the same message the 12 preached need only look at the WORDS of their respective messages.

Verse by Verse Study in Colossians:

The Due Time Preaching of Paul Titus 1.3

Bill Schultz on Righteousness

New! Things that Differ ch. 6.6 grace for grace and the apostle Paul

Bill Schultz teaches how identification with Christ can enable you to tap into the power of godliness

Visualizing Grace

To some people, the whole world stinks. But unto the pure, all things are pure Titus 1-15:

NEW! Love vs Anger 2Timothy 4:2,3

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